David Brown

Studio Director


“What we do shapes the experience of those who use the buildings we design.”






David Brown is a continuous learner, and a multi-talented artist revealed through his design, works of art and his musical ability.  Most notably, his artistry is expressed in the field of architecture from a depth of design experience and applied knowledge. As a seasoned practitioner of architectural design, David’s passion for his craft has found expression in buildings throughout the U.S., resonating with those who experience these spaces. His innate ability to deconstruct and evaluate what works and why continually sharpens his sense of design excellence.  

As Studio Director, Brown sees each project as an opportunity to solve a problem, and intently listens as you describe your hopes for a project, the building’s purpose, and the users.  David’s sense of purposeful design is an invisible force of the Jericho team.  Together they collaborate in rendering this information into 3-D imagery to ignite your imagination and enhance the constructability of your project.