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Jericho Design Group founder Doug Shaw grew up knowing that if he kept his head down, worked hard, and did what was right, good things would happen. That’s the guiding principle behind our firm today. Every project we do begins with client conversations where we listen for how we can collaborate with you — not only to manage your program, budget, and schedule needs — but also to explore how we might push the boundaries and discover what more is possible.

Every project Jericho Design Group works on is guided by doing what’s right for your particular purpose and situation. That’s why no two of our fire stations, breweries or city halls will be the same. It goes beyond walls and roofs and square footage; Jericho is about creating better experiences for the people who use the spaces we design. Because when you put the client and the purpose first, everything else comes into place.

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Doug Shaw headshot

Doug Shaw AIA

Managing Member

During his high school years, Doug Shaw’s aptitude and passion for both art and calculus caught the attention of his teachers. They recommended architecture as a profession that could seamlessly merge these two strengths. This blend of analytical and creative skills has been a cornerstone of Doug’s successful career as an architect. Doug enjoys the collegial atmosphere at Jericho and the respect all the team members have for each other which plays a big role in the work they do. For Doug, Better by Design is the commitment Jericho Design Group gives to every project – to combine the client’s needs with Jericho’s creativity and technical skills and create an elevated design for the working space. With over 35 years of experience, Doug has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in planning, facility programming, and design. His extensive professional background encompasses various building types, including public safety and justice facilities, higher education projects, healthcare, mixed-use developments, and high-rise office buildings.

When he’s not designing incredible spaces for his clients’, Doug enjoys making large scale improvements to his home, restoring cars, and bringing his experience and positive coaching skills to support local youth sports teams.


Studio Director

Yara brings over 15 years of diverse experience as a licensed architect and interior designer, specializing in municipal, commercial, mixed-use, and educational projects. She’s passionate about the transformative potential of design and leads by building strong, innovative teams dedicated to delivering thoughtful, impactful designs. As a design leader and mentor, Yara believes in the profound influence of design on communities. Her expertise extends beyond crafting physical spaces; she cultivates a culture of creativity and excellence, leaving an enduring mark on both projects and the professionals she guides. In her role at Jericho, Yara is dedicated to supporting the design team, clients, and all stakeholders involved, ensuring that each project becomes a testament to thoughtful, impactful design. To Yara, “Better by Design” signifies that their work holds the potential to make the world better through the transformative power of thoughtful design. It emphasizes the continuous pursuit of improvement and innovation, recognizing that each detail contributes to creating positive impact.

After growing up in Slovakia and Syria, Yara made Georgia her home in 2007. She and her husband Brent love the outdoors and are on a mission to explore every national park in the U.S. Being mom to Lucas and Yana and stepmom to Hailey and Zoey keeps their family busy with all kinds of activities like track, cross country, theater, cheer, and travel softball.

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Mike Kennedy Headshot

Mike Kennedy AIA

Senior Project Manager

With more than 37 years of experience, Mike serves as a project manager and architect, demonstrating extensive expertise in overseeing a diverse array of projects, spanning from multi-million dollar endeavors to smaller renovations. His comprehensive design and management background encompasses all technical aspects of facility design, including codes, security, sustainability, and construction administration. Having been involved with the technical aspects of architecture for most of his career, Mike is able to work seamlessly with contractors in the field. He really loves developing relationships with clients and working to find the most appropriate solutions to their building challenges. For Mike, “Better by Design” means achieving excellence—not by accident, but by deliberate choices, endless refinement, and collaboration with end-users and engineering disciplines to obtain diverse perspectives that ensure comprehensive solutions. Throughout his career, Mike has consistently showcased his capability to develop detailed plans and specifications, ensuring adherence to set schedules and budgets and ultimately delivering client satisfaction.

When he’s not at work, Mike spends his time on the family farm developing a pecan orchard. He loves discovering the best methods for working with the different varieties of trees.

Whitney Regan

Director of Interiors

Regardless of the budget, Whitney excels in creating engaging spaces. Her passion lies in integrating new and innovative materials, captivating color palettes, and imaginative lighting solutions. She values actively engaging with clients and consultants on a daily basis, developing enduring relationships, and pulling things out of them that make their vision really work. Through this extraordinary collaborative approach, Whitney ensures successful project outcomes. She loves how well everyone at Jericho works together and feels “Better by Design” means that if “we are our true selves as God intended, as he “designed’ then we are better with those around us.” Whitney loves the connectivity that is available at Jericho and joined the team because she wants to make a difference with the projects the firm chooses and create lasting relationships, internally and with clients. With expertise in healthcare, higher education, mixed-use development design, tenant build-out for retail and office clients, she has contributed design services to the entire A Concourse food services at Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport and interior design for Blue Ridge Station.

When she’s not designing client work – you can find Whitney using her hands in a variety of creative activities – painting (art canvases, walls, or furniture) and planting flowers or veggies.

Whitney Regan headshot
Anabelle Machado headshot

Anabelle Machado

Project Manager

Anabelle Machado is a seasoned project manager and interior designer at Jericho Design Group, boasting over 15 years of experience in diverse sectors such as municipal, higher education, and office building design. She loves the opportunities she gets at Jericho to work on a wide variety of projects because she learns something new from her teammates and every aspect of the design. Anabelle holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Universidad del Zulia. Her approach is defined by an unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Exceptional client relationship skills are at the core of her success. Anabelle excels in forging strong connections with clients and enjoys being able to translate their needs into a design. From conceptualization to execution, Anabelle’s keen eye for detail guarantees that projects not only meet but exceed expectations, all while adhering to strict budgets and timelines. For Anabelle, “Better by Design” means to be committed to producing designs that reflect culture, character, and brands of clients. Creating solutions and designs to accomplish a purpose.

Outside of work, Anabelle likes to entertain and organize events. She and her husband of 25 years, Rafael and their two teenagers like to go out and try new restaurants, take in movies, and travel.

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