How We Work

brighter by design

From the first conversation through construction administration

Do the right thing. Every. Time.

It’s a simple, yet surprisingly rare philosophy. But that’s how we work at Jericho Design Group. From the beginning to design and through construction administration, it’s all about doing the right thing for our clients every step of the way. That’s what it means to be better by design.

right start:

Aligning program, budget, timeline. Understanding how you like to work.

We have enough experience to be able to see pretty early on in the process if your program, schedule, or budget are out of alignment. Fortunately, we also have the expertise to help you recalibrate the plan to match your project’s goals and resources. By solidifying program details, design options, and project direction as early as possible, we avoid wasting time exploring impractical options and eliminate costly pitfalls.

Once we’re into the Design Phase, we will quickly generate a preliminary schematic design package so you can start making smart decisions and establishing effective cost control measures early in the process.


Purpose of the building

The physical spaces needed

What people need to succeed in those spaces


Current market conditions and cost trends

Preliminary and full cost estimates

Planning now for future growth


Building a comprehensive schedule for each phase


Partnering with you and the construction team on long-lead items


Looking at the possibilities for your project

Visiting existing buildings to see how they look, feel, and function

Inspiration boards


Tailored design ideas

Solutions supporting purpose, budget and timeline

Crafted environments to make people and programs more successful


Feedback sessions

Workshopping solutions


right design:

Unique designs tailored to your program

Now that we have the foundation set, we can start the design phase knowing we’ll be making choices that meet your program needs and are feasible. As we move into design, you’ll see that Jericho doesn’t do cookie cutter solutions. The designs we create for you will be tailored to meet the unique needs of your program and goals. The entire process is highly collaborative from exploring the possibilities for your project to workshopping solutions for design concerns or scope/budget changes.

right construction administration:

We’re with you every step of the way until your project is complete.

Jericho is exceptionally good at administering the construction phase of the process. Partly, because we try to make our designs as coordinated as possible for the contractors and partly because we have dedicated teams working on every project. So the people involved in the design phase will also be there for the construction administration. If there’s ever a question, they’ll have full understanding of the design’s intention and will be able to answer questions and resolve any issues that might arise during the construction phase.


Positive working relationships with contractors

Complete, detailed drawings make it easy for contractors


The same team stays with you from beginning to end

No loss of knowledge between phases


Regular site visits

Making sure materials have been ordered

Double checking everything

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